Activity: Symmetry of Shapes


Let's find symmetry in shapes!

You will need some shapes. You could buy some, or make your own like this:

Folding Test

You can find if a shape has a Line of Symmetry by folding it.

When the folded part sits perfectly on top (all edges matching), then the fold line is a Line of Symmetry.

Here I have folded a rectangle one way, and it didn't work.

So this is not a Line of Symmetry

But when I try it this way, it does work (the folded part sits perfectly on top, all edges matching):

So this is a Line of Symmetry

An Octagon

Let us try the Octagon (the 8-sided shape)

Is this a Line of Symmetry?

Let's try folding it:

Yes! When folded over, the edges match perfectly

So let us draw it on:

I found another way too::

Tried this It works! Draw it on

In fact I found 8 Lines of Symmetry:


How about this Triangle?
I tried this fold, but it didn't work:

Can you find any Lines of Symmetry in that triangle? I couldn't.

But how about other types of triangle?

Your Turn

Now it is your turn ... pick a shape and find its Lines of Symmetry.

In fact, try them all! See what you discover.



Final Note: The Circle

How about the Circle? Did you find any Lines of Symmetry?

In fact the circle has infinite Lines of Symmetry, how about that!


Did you enjoy this activity?
Share your experience with me, I want to know.
Yours, Rod Pierce