Tally Marks

It is easy to do a tally, just put marks on a piece of paper!

Here are the tally marks for 1 to 4:

BUT the 5th mark is
drawn ACROSS the previous 4 marks:

Then continue making single marks again:

Remember: every fifth mark is drawn across the previous 4 marks

It makes it easy to see the total later on!

Example: A tally of 12

You can see there are two 5s (making 10) plus another 2 singles, making 12

Tallying in Surveys

You can use tally marks when doing a Survey.

Example: "What is your favorite color?"

Ask some people what their favorite color is.

Put a mark next to the color they like

Tally When you are done, you can write in the totals.


Result: 4 people liked Yellow, 5 liked Red, 6 liked Blue, only 1 liked Green and 4 people liked Pink.

The most popular color was Blue.

What results would you get? Try this survey!


Tally Using Dots and Lines

There is another cool way to tally: Tukey Tallying.

But it can be a little slower, as drawing dots takes longer.