Fair Dice

A die (plural "dice") is really any solid object with markings on each face that can be used to create a random number. Very useful when playing games of chance!

Fair Dice

In mathematics we say "fair dice" when we mean that there is an equally likely chance of landing on any face.

pair of dice

Most people think of these little cubes
when we say "dice" ...

... but all of the Platonic Solids can make fair dice!
black platonic dice

Because the faces are all the same, there is an equal chance of landing on any face.

So, using the platonic solids we can have dice with 4, 6, 8, 12 or 20 faces!

But with some imagination we can actually make fair dice with any number of faces we want.

rolling pin dice

How about these interesting dice?


Or this 10-sided one.

10 sided dice
Or this 20-sided Roman die that is 1,800 years old: 20 sided roman glass die, Icosahedron