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  Buy from Taylor's Math Collection CD ROM This collection helps students to master 15 math subjects through practicing and solving problems. The solutions will tutor your work, while the hints will save you valuable study time and improve your understanding of mathematical concepts. Everything you need to practice math is in one place with Taylor’s Math Collection Professional Kit.
  Buy from Math Shortcuts to Ace the SAT & PSAT Math Shortcuts to Ace the SAT and the New PSAT/NMSQT contains the most extensive and unique collection of math shortcuts and strategies for the College Entran ce Exam (SAT and PSAT) available today.
  Buy from Math Spinner Games 25 Super-Fun Math Spinner Games : Easy-To-Assemble, Fun-To-Play Games to Develop Mathematical Thinking (Math Series)
  Buy from 100 SAT Tips This book does more than teach you how to solve the problem. It teaches you how to see the problem, how to recognize and avoid the traps, and how to think! Even if you hate geometry, have nightmares about algebraic equations, and can't stand the sight of a percent sign, this book will turn you into a fearless giant-killer. Using SAT-style questions to demonstrate one hundred critical concepts, it delivers plenty of straight talk, solid information, humor, crystal-clear diagrams, cartoons, teaching boxes, a very complete glossary, and lots more! Remember: there's math, and there's SAT math. A great score comes from knowing the difference. And if you don't understand that, you need this book! (120 pages)
  Buy from TI 83 PLUS Ok it is not a book but if you're looking for a powerful and proven reliable graphing calculator, look no further than the TI-83 Plus.
  Buy from 1001 Math Problems Great for examples of practical math problems. Useful for the math solutions you forgot from high school and college!
  Buy from 101 Brain Boosting Math Problems Each puzzle has a "Big Fat Hint" in case you get stuck. Many have similar puzzles on two or three levels of difficulty so that once you master a puzzle, you can show off your new skills by nailing an even tougher one.
  Buy from Amazing Math Puzzles Ages 9-12. Number puzzles can be fun, but they also can burn up your brain cells--especially the 82 tantalizing math puzzlers found in this intriguing volume. Try them as party dares or make stump-your-friends bets.
  Buy from GED 2000  The General Educational Development (GED) diploma is recognized by employers, unions, and state and federal civil services. Many vocational institutes, colleges, and universities accept students who have obtained their GED. It is widely regarded as the equivalent of a high school diploma, and if you want to land that dream job or that coveted college acceptance letter, you'll need to earn a passing grade.
  Buy from Thinking Mathematically  Unfolds the processes which lie at the heart of Mathematics. Intensely practical, it demands that the reader participate in each question posed. In this way, a deep seated awareness of the nature of mathematical thinking can grow.