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Understanding Pure Mathematics This textbook covers in one volume all topics required in the pure mathematics section of single subject A-Level Mathematics syllabuses in the UK, as well as a significant part of the work required by those studying for Further Mathematics and for A-Level Pure Mathematics.
Numbers Have you ever wondered how 7-up got its name, or what you would measure in oktas? You will find the answers in Numbers: facts, figures and fiction. The book is full of facts, both mathematical and cultural, tantalising problems and anecdotes. A book to browse in, or to study when you want to find as much as you can about a number.
Revise GCSE in a Week: Maths to A* Intended for revision purposes, this book presents the key facts of GCSE mathematics to A*. It covers all topics in timed stages to make sure students stay on course and shows how to approach typical exam questions for the best results
Fibonacci Fun: Fascinating Activities With Intriguing Numbers
Number Nine : The Search for the Sigma...  THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY - 13 September 1998 "Literary craze for maths and maps" by Vanessa Thorpe. The Search for the Sigma Code has a dense plot and relies on another imaginary narrator (not a monk this time, but) a boy called Enjil. If you have ever wondered why any prime number is greater than three will, when raised to the sixth power, leave a remainder of one when divided by nine, you will be at home with this book.
GCSE Higher Revision Guide  Matched to the national curriculum, all the information you need to revise. Superb value too.
Thinking Mathematically  Unfolds the processes which lie at the heart of Mathematics. Intensely practical, it demands that the reader participate in each question posed. In this way, a deep seated awareness of the nature of mathematical thinking can grow.
GCSE Bitesize Revision Guide Part of the GCSE BITESIZE REVISION series, a guide to examination techniques particular to the study of mathematics,
Key Stage 3 level 5 - 8 Revision Guide  Matched to the national curriculum, all the information you need to revise. Superb value too.
Mathematics: National Tests Key Stage 3 The Collins Study & Revision Guide series is the result of two years of market research into what students, parents and teachers want. Written by examiners, each book offers revision tips, and includes real exam questions.