And Mint Sauce Puzzle - Solution

The Puzzle:

And Mint Sauce
Six wolves catch six lambs in six minutes.

How many wolves will be needed to catch sixty lambs in sixty minutes?

No, the answer is not sixty. Try again!

Our Solution:

I should also have said that the answer was not 10 either! That is a popular answer, but I'm afraid it is not correct. The right answer was SIX WOLVES.

Let's see why:

6 wolves catch 6 lambs in 6 minutes. Multiply by 10:
The same 6 wolves catch 60 lambs in 60 minutes.

(Give them 10 times as long and they'll catch 10 times as many lambs.)

Another way of seeing the answer is to note that each wolf catches 1 lamb in six minutes. In 60 minutes, therefore, each wolf will catch 10 lambs (ten times as many). With 6 wolves, six times as many lambs will be caught.

Puzzle Author: Stephen Froggatt

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