Farmer Factor Puzzle

The Puzzle:

Farmer Factor
I have decided to write a deeply moving piece of poetry for you.

First of all: Farmer Factor (who lives, of course, at Fraction Farm) wants to stock up on feed for his three types of animals (chickens, pigs, cows).

His goal is to spend all of the $100 and get exactly 100 bags altogether to fill up his cart.

Naturally, each type of animal food is a different price. How does he spend his money? Happy feeding!

Farmer Factor took his tractor to the factory
100 bags of feed was what his tractor will carry
The chicken feed was first, at five dollars per bag
Each bag of pig feed had 3 dollars on its price tag
As for the cows, 50c a bag will feed them happily
How did Farmer Factor spend his money on all these three?


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