Full Precision Calculator

This calculator calculates answers to full* accuracy.
If you want more functions (but not full precision) try the Scientific Calculator



2^100 = 1267650600228229401496703205376

30! = 265252859812191058636308480000000

2*pi = 6.283185307179586476925286766559...

1/7 = 0.142857142857142857142857142857142857...

Notes: Some of the functions (such as x!, or x^y) may need a lot of calculation, so after some seconds of calculation your browser may complain that a script is running too long. It is up to you whether to continue to run the script or not.

In some cases it may be better to approach things more gently. For example if 200! is taking a long time, then try 100!, then 120! etc to estimate how long it should take on your device.

Also if you want to calculate high powers, for example, 2^1000, it may be quicker to calculate 2^100, then take that result and raise that to the power 10:  (2^100)^10


*Full Precision

Most calculations are done to full precision.

But some decimals go on forever (such as 1/3 = 0.33333...), so we stop after 200 decimals.

The same thing happens with functions like square root, sine, cosine, etc. The calculation would go on forever, so we have to stop somewhere.


Contact us with any suggestions for improvements or enhancements to this full precision calculator.