Tally Marks

It is easy to do a tally, just put marks on a piece of paper!

Here are the tally marks for 1 to 4:

tally 1 2 3 4

BUT the 5th mark is
drawn ACROSS the previous 4 marks:
tally 5

Then continue making single marks again:

tally 6

Remember: every fifth mark is drawn across the previous 4 marks

It makes it easy to see the total later on!

Example: A tally of 12

tally 12

You can see there are two 5s (making 10) plus another 2 singles, making 12

Tallying in Surveys

You can use tally marks when doing a Survey.

Example: "What is your favorite color?"

Ask some people what their favorite color is.

Put a mark next to the color they like

When you are done, you can write in the totals.

Result: 4 people liked Yellow, 5 liked Red, 6 liked Blue, only 1 liked Green and 4 people liked Pink.

The most popular color was Blue.

What results would you get? Try this survey!


Tally Using Dots and Lines

tukey tally 27

There is another cool way to tally: Tukey Tallying.

But it can be a little slower, as drawing dots takes longer.


6905, 6906, 6907, 6908, 6909, 6910, 6911, 6912, 6913, 6914