Go Game

The Ancient Game of Go

(Experimental: we are looking for people to test out a version of Go where you can play remote players. First you register/login, then invite someone else to play. Test it out here.)

If you can encircle your opponent's stones you gain territory (and points).

A stone (or group of stones) is encircled when all places above, below, left and right are opposing stones (or board edge).

Try this ... place stones in this pattern:

Now place a black stone on the right:

The white stone gets captured! And black gets a boost in points.

Also: you can't place a stone on top of another, or in a spot where it would be encircled straight away.


The players decide when to end! The winner is whoever has the highest score.

No Computer Player (Yet)

Go is very hard for computers, there are hundreds of possible moves each turn. For the computer to think a few turns ahead could need billions or trillions of calculations. We could try to make one if you want, just ask!

Go is also called "weiqi" (pronounced "way-e-chee")