Master Detective (Flash Version)

Try Master Detective (HTML5 Version) instead.

Use the clues to solve the mystery. Read Explanation.


You need to turn this:   Into something like this:
start   finish
    (depending on puzzle)

But you must follow the clues!

Clues look like this:

under this guy is above the 1
  So any column without a 1 shouldn't have that guy.
Likewise any column without that guy shouldn't have a 1.
next the balloon is next to 2 (on left or right)
  So you can remove a balloon that is not 1 space from any 2.
Or a 2 that is not 1 space from any balloon.
right the balloon is somewhere to the right of 1
  So find the furthest left 1, and the balloon won't be above it or further left.
Likewise the furthest right balloon won't have a 1 above it or further right.
left the girl is somewhere to the left of 3
  Same idea as obove, but right vs left.
between the car is in-between the 3 and the plane
(left-to-right or right-to-left)


Click on the puzzle to remove one of the small pictures. Click again to bring it back.

Hint: you can move the clues around the screen to help you arrange your thoughts.