Unfolded Cube Puzzle

Figure out the color of the surface by studying the see-through version


You see the surface of a cube "unfolded" (called a net of a cube).

So the six surfaces of a cube are unfolded like this.


Now, the big cube is made of 27 smaller glass cubes (3 rows, 3 columns, 3 deep), which are either clear or blue.

And as you look through the cube, you can tell the colors of the 3 small cubes behind:

3 Blues
2 Blues, 1 Clear
1 Blue, 2 Clears
3 Clears

Your job is to correctly identify the color of the square on the surface.

Use the "Clue" button to reveal one square. You can continue to press the "Clue" button until you solve the puzzle, but that isn't a challenge is it?