Cross Sections

A cross section is the shape we get when cutting straight through an object.

cross section of prism

The cross section of this object is a triangle.


It is like a view into the inside of something made by cutting through it.

This is a cross-section of a piece of celery. cross-section of a piece of celery


In geometry it is the shape made when a solid is cut through by a plane.

cylinder cross section


The cross section of this circular cylinder is a circle


We don't draw the rest of the object, just the shape made when you cut through.

cross-section of a pyramid


The cross section of a rectangular pyramid is a rectangle


Cross sections are usually parallel to the base like above, but can be in any direction.


torus cross section

The vertical cross section through the center of this torus is two circles!

torus horizontal cross section

And the horizontal cross section is an annulus

More Examples of Cross Sections

Square Prism: Cross-Section:
square prism square

Cube: Cross-Section:
cube square

Pentagonal Prism: Cross-Section:

pentagonal prism