In Geometry, "Translation" simply means Moving ...

... without rotating, resizing or anything else, just moving.

To Translate a shape:

Every point of the shape must move:

  • the same distance
  • in the same direction.
  translation on graph

To see how this works, try translating different shapes here:


Note: You can translate either by angle-and-distance, or by x-and-y.

Try both to see what happens.

Writing it Down

Sometimes we just want to write down the translation, without showing it on a graph.

translation on graph 30, 40

Example: to say the shape gets moved 30 Units in the "X" direction, and 40 Units in the "Y" direction, we can write:

(x,y) → (x+30,y+40)

Which says "all the x and y coordinates become x+30 and y+40"


6720, 6721, 6722, 6726, 3348, 3349, 3350, 843, 2135, 2136