Pay (Wages, Salary)


When you have a job you may get paid a wage or a salary.

What is the difference?


Wages are a payment for work based on hours worked (or sometimes per day or per amount of work done).

It can be paid weekly, two-weekly, or monthly. 

Example: Alex earns $20 per hour, and worked 40 hours last week so earned an $800 wage.

Sometimes you can get paid at a higher rate, such as

Example: Alex worked 2 hours extra on Tuesday, and earned $30 per hour (overtime rate) for those two hours.

So, that week Alex earned an extra $60 and got paid $860


Salary is payment for work based on a fixed amount per month or year. Usually paid weekly or monthly. 

Example: Sandy has an annual salary of $120,000, which is paid weekly.

So Sandy gets about $2,300 per week.

When you are paid a salary you usually don't get extra for overtime work, but you often get other benefits.