Visual Estimation

Visual Estimation is finding a value that is close enough to the right answer.

Example: How many objects are here:

How Many Objects

We could count them, but what if we don't need an exact answer, just one that is close enough?

Have a go! Try to make a quick guess how many.

Answer: 48

As well as looking, we should also be thinking about shapes and so on.

Example: If the small box has an area of "1" what is the area of the big box?:

estimate area

Try "measuring by eye" the width and the height, then multiplying: what do you come up with?

Answer: About 7×4 = 28

Estimating Counts, Lengths and More

It is a very useful skill to be able to estimate how many things we see, or how long something is or how big something is, and so on.


thumb distance


Knowing the usual size of things can also help.

And there is also a special trick to Estimate How Far Away.


Being good at this takes practice and experience.

So we have  Estimation Games  to help you!

Have fun gaining new skills!