Long Division Animation

With Long Division we follow this process:

  Start with the left-most digit of the dividend
  • Divide that by the divisor, ignoring the remainder!
    Put the whole number result above the line (part of the answer)
  • Multiply that whole number result by the divisor
    Put that below what you just worked on
  • Subtract
  • "Bring down" the next digit, to create a new value to work on
  Repeat, using the new value

Here is this process shown in action using the same numbers as on the Long Division page. We use it three times around to get the answer (press play button below):

Note: We calculated remainders (such as "r4") just for the demonstration, but you don't really need to.

But the last subtraction is important! In this example it was zero, but find out what to do when it isn't at Long Division with Remainders.

A Slightly Different Method

To save dividing and multiplying we can make a table of multiples of the divisor first, and then just "look up" the largest value that is not greater as we go, like this: