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Squares and Square Roots in Algebra
and Square Roots in Algebra You might like to read our Introduction to Squares and Square Roots first. Squares To square a number, just multiply it by itself ... Example: What is 3 squared? - 16.2kb

Definition of Simplest Form (Algebra)
of Simplest Form (Algebra) more ... In general, an expression is in simplest form when it is easiest to use. Example, this: 5x + x − 3 Is simpler as: 6x − 3 Common ways to help you simplify: • Combine Like - 4.8kb

Simplify in Algebra
One of the big jobs we do in Algebra is simplification . You will often be asked to put something "in simplest form" What is the Simplest Form? In general, it is simpler when it is easier to use . Start with: - 7.9kb

Algebra Mistakes
Algebra Mistakes I have gathered here a collection of mistakes that are pretty easy to make. Try to avoid these! Mistake Correction x 2 = 25, so x = 5 x = 5 or x = - 9.2kb

Pre-Kinder to Year 2 Algebra Index
Home | Numbers | Algebra | Geometry | Data | Measure | Puzzles | Games | Dictionary | Worksheets Show Ads Hide Ads About Ads Pre-Kinder to Year 2Algebra Index Pre-Algebra Compare - 6.6kb

Absolute Value in Algebra
Absolute Value in Algebra Absolute Value means ... ... how far a number is from zero: "6" is 6 away from zero, and "−6" is also 6 away from zero. So the absolute value of 6 - 13.2kb

Definition of Degree (Algebra)
of Degree (Algebra) more ... The largest exponent the variable has in a polynomial with one variable. (For more than one variable: add the variables' exponents for each term and find the highest such value.) - 4.6kb

Reciprocal In Algebra
Reciprocal In Algebra Turn it upside down! Reciprocal of a Number To get the reciprocal of a number , we divide 1 by the number: Examples: - 7.2kb

Distance Between 2 Points
of a Line from 2 Points Algebra Index - 9.3kb

Quadratic Equation Solver
Quadratic Equations Algebra Index - 8.9kb

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