Elementary Games

Connect The Dots
Five different connect-the-dot puzzles
Finding Bugs
Find all of the hidden bugs
Counting Bugs
Count the number of bugs
Fireworks Counting
Light the rockets ... but only in the right order!
Color in the Number Chart
Fill in the Number Chart
Choose the Larger Block
Chocolate is nice ... so try to choose the larger block!
3D Blocks Count
Remember to count the hidden blocks!
Divide Blocks
Divide the blocks evenly.
Make the Amount
How many ways can you make a Dollar (or Pound or Euro ... and more!)
Drag and Drop the Coins.
Multiply Blocks
How Many Blocks?
Number Blocks
Move the blocks to match the shape. You have to get them exactly right.
Number Blocks Freeplay
Move the number blocks around just as you wish.
Pattern Match - Colors
See if you can match the pattern
Pattern Match - Numbers
See if you can match the pattern
Pattern Match - Shapes
See if you can match the pattern
Smart Blocks
Move the blocks around, play with equations.