Torus Facts

Notice these interesting things:

Torus Radii

  • It can be made by revolving a
    small circle along a line made
    by a bigger circle.
  • It has no edges or vertices
  • It is not a polyhedron
torus in the sky
Torus in the Sky
The Torus is such a beautiful solid,
this one would be fun at the beach !

Volume and Surface Area

Torus Radii

Surface Area = 4 × π2 × R × r

Volume = 2 × π2 × R × r2

Note: Area and volume formulas only work when the torus has a hole!


Torus Cushion Illustration

And did you know that Torus was the Latin word for a cushion?

(This is not a real roman cushion, just an illustration I made)

When we have more than one torus they are called tori

More Torus Images

As the small radius (r) gets larger and larger, the torus goes from looking like a Tire to a Donut:

Torus TireTorus Donut