Pentomino Challenge

These are pentominoes, with their letter codes:

F: I: L: M:
N: P: T: U:
V: X: Y: Z:

This challenge is more difficult than it looks.

Create four yes/no questions which uniquely classify each pentomino.

Examples of such questions are: 

The idea is to create a set of questions where no pentomino has the same answers as another.


  Rotational Symmetry Reflection Symmetry Open Box Point Symmetry
F no no yes no
I yes yes no yes
L no no no no
M no yes yes no
N yes no yes yes
P no no no no
T no yes yes no

... so these four questions do not work ... the answers for T are the same as for M ... !

Can YOU think of four questions which will work?

(You can discuss this at the forum.)

This is based upon an investigation by L Mottershead. Sources of Mathematical Discovery


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