Scientific Calculator

This is a very powerful Scientific Calculator
You can use it like a normal calculator, or you can type formulas like (3+7^2)*2
It has many functions you can type in (see below)

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  • Type in 12+2, then press the "=" button
  • Select Degrees, type in cos(45), then press the "=" button

Function Reference

A function will return NaN (Not a Number) when you give it invalid entries, such as sqrt(-1)

Here are the functions you can use:

Trigonometric Functions

Function Description
sin() sine
cos() cosine
tan() tangent
cot() cotangent ie cos()/sin()
sec() secant ie 1/cos()
csc() cosecant ie 1/sin()
asin() inverse sine
acos() inverse cosine
atan() inverse tangent
acot() inverse cotanget ie atan(1/x)
asec() inverse secant ie acos(1/x)
acsc() inverse cosecant ie asin(1/x)


Hyperbolic functions

Function Description
sinh() hyperbolic sine
cosh() hyperbolic cosine
tanh() hyperbolic tangent
coth() hyperbolic cotangent
sech() hyperbolic secant
csch() hyperbolic cosecant
asinh() inverse hyperbolic sine
acosh() inverse hyperbolic cosine
atanh() inverse hyperbolic tangent
acoth() inverse hyperbolic cotangent
asech() inverse hyperbolic secant
acsch() inverse hyperbolic cosecant


General Functions

Function Description
sqrt() square root
abs() absolute value
fact() factorial
floor() Rounds down to the nearest integer
ceil() Rounds up to the nearest integer
round() Rounds to the nearest integer (0.5+ goes up)


Logarithm functions

Function Description
log() base 10 logarithm
logb(x,b) base "b" logarithm
ln() natural logarithm
exp(x) e to the power x


Functions needing two values

Function Description
gcd(x,y) greatest common denominator of x and y
max(x,y) maximum of x and y
min(x,y) minimum of x and y
angle(x,y) angle of coords x and y
dist(x,y) distance to coords x and y
comb(x,y) combinations of x and y

Note: for more digits of accuracy but less functions try the Full Precision Calculator.