Area of Triangles

There are several ways to find the area of a triangle.

Knowing Base and Height

triangle b h

When we know the base and height it is easy.

It is simply half of b times h

Area = 12bh

(The Triangles page explains more)

The most important thing is that the base and height are at right angles. Have a play here:

Example: What is the area of this triangle?

(Note: 12 is the height, not the length of the left-hand side)

Height = h = 12

Base = b = 20

Area = ½ bh = ½ × 20 × 12 = 120


Knowing Three Sides

SSS Triangle

There's also a formula to find the area of any triangle when we know the lengths of all three of its sides.

This can be found on the Heron's Formula page.

Knowing Two Sides and the Included Angle

SSS Triangle

When we know two sides and the included angle (SAS), there is another formula (in fact three equivalent formulas) we can use.

Depending on which sides and angles we know, the formula can be written in three ways:

Area = 12ab sin C

Area = 12bc sin A

Area = 12ca sin B

They are really the same formula, just with the sides and angle changed.

Example: Find the area of this triangle:

trig area example

First of all we must decide what we know.

We know angle C = 25º, and sides a = 7 and b = 10.

So let's get going:

Area =(½)ab sin C
Put in the values we know:½ × 7 × 10 × sin(25º)
Do some calculator work:35 × 0.4226...
Area = 14.8 to one decimal place

How to Remember

Just think "abc": Area = ½ a b sin C

It is also good to remember that the angle is always between the two known sides, called the "included angle".

How Does it Work?

We know how to find an area when we know base and height:

Area = ½ × base × height

trig triangle b sinA  

In this triangle:

  • the base is: c
  • the height is: b × sin A

So we get:

Area = ½ × (c) × (b × sin A)

Which is (more simply):

Area = 12bc sin A

By changing the labels on the triangle we can also get:

One more example:

Example: Find How Much Land

trig area example

Farmer Jones owns a triangular piece of land.

The length of the fence AB is 150 m. The length of the fence BC is 231 m.

The angle between fence AB and fence BC is 123º.

How much land does Farmer Jones own?


First of all we must decide which lengths and angles we know:

So we use:

Area = 12ca sin B

Put in the values we know:½ × 150 × 231 × sin(123º) m2
Do some calculator work:17,325 × 0.838... m2
 Area =14,530 m2


Farmer Jones has 14,530 m2 of land