Flash Games

A strategy game with a difference.
Antz Ant Wars Game
Two person game.
Boxup Puzzle
Push the small red box inside the big blue box. Move the boxes by pushing from the inside. A small box inside...
Broken Calculator Flash
Also try Broken Calculator HTML5 version. Eric has smashed his calculator,...
Bulls Cows Flash
Try the improved Bulls and Cows HTML5 version Discover the hidden code! Click...
Cleanup Puzzle
Try All Out Puzzle. Clean up by selecting the right squares.
Colorsok Puzzle
Tiles of the same color need to be pushed all together. Use keyboard arrows to move.
Connect 3D
A Three-Dimensional version of Four In A Line
Connect The Dots
Five different connect-the-dot puzzles
3D Blocks Count
Remember to count the hidden blocks!
Counting Bugs
Count the number of bugs
Cubilus Game
Move the blocks to their matching squares. Click on the blocks and drag them in the direction you want them to...
Darts Flash
Try Darts instead.
Deep Grey
Simple but challenging logic game. The one that picks the last box wins.
Dstar Puzzle
Move using arrows to collect yellow diamonds, 1024 moves to complete ten levels. Use spacebar to switch positions...
Excentra Game
Move the little halo on the elastic. Confusing mouse game
Fireworks Counting
Light the rockets ... but only in the right order!
Flippa Memory Game
A memory game where you match 3 symbols not just a pair. Also try Math Match Game.
Four In A Line (Drop)
To win: connect 4 pieces in a row, column or diagonally (See more versions at Connect...
Four In A Line (Timed)
To win: connect 4 pieces in a row, column or diagonally (See more versions at Connect...
FourSight - 3D Tic Tac Toe
To win: place four of your markers in a row (horizontal, diagonal or vertical).
Freefall Puzzle
Remove all colored shapes from the board by joining up the same shapes. Click on a shape and move mouse right...
Hex Drums Flash
Try Hexadecimal Drum Machine instead. Create some cool rhythms, and save them in...
Capture your opponents pieces, but be careful, the enemy is VERY skilful !
Hour Maze
Use clock numbers (1 to 12). A number's "neighbor" (above, below, left or right, except if separated by a...
Knights Move Game
Try to beat the computer using only knight moves from chess. A square can only be visited once. If you can't...
Labyrinth Puzzle
Use arrow keys to move to the finish (the checkered square). Your character likes to keep going, though!
Mad Virus
Spread the virus by choosing which color to spread it to next. You have a limited number of turns to spread it...
Use your arrow keys to make the ball hit the right answer, but avoid the green squares. A wrong answer makes the...
Magic Square Game
Put the pieces together so that the rows and columns add to 30.
Master Detective Flash
Try Master Detective HTML5 Version instead. Use the clues to solve the mystery.
Math Match Flash
Try the improved Math Match HTML5 Version instead. Test your memory AND your...
Multiplication Game
Make four in a line using multiplication.
Number Blocks
Move the blocks to match the shape. You have to get them exactly right.
Number Square Puzzle
Fill in the missing numbers so that all the totals match.
Orbox Game
Use arrow keys to move to the finish.
Orientation Puzzle
Move from the bottom to the top by clicking on the type of move. But you can only do the moves you can see straight...
Parking Lot Game
Move the cars around the jammed parking lot.
Peg Puzzles Game
Try Triangular Peg Solitaire instead. Jump over the pegs - leave...
Place It Flash
Try Place It HTML5 Version instead. Recreate the square from the crazy pieces...
Plinx Puzzle
Move the blocks to their matching squares below. Use keyboard arrows to move and push the box you want. Challenging!
Proximity Flash
Play the HTML5 Version of Proximity instead. Place each piece carefully to capture...
Railway Line
Build the railway line, but be quick!
Random Trigonometry
Lots of random trigonometry problems.
RayRay Game
Also try All Out Game Get these cute little guys to ALL stand up - click and see what...
Red Thief
Steal the Gold Coin ... and then escape!
Rotation Game
Make the big circle match the small circle. Click to rotate.
Rubiks Cube Puzzle
See if you can solve this famous puzzle in this great version by Eric Lin. Click and drag to move.
Shape Shoot
Shoot the Shape!
Simon Says Game
Try Simon Says Game HTML5 version instead. How long a sequence can you remember?
Sokolan Puzzle
Move the blocks to their matching squares.
Try Tanks 2 (HTML5 Version) ! Multiple terrains, multiple weapons - get them before...
Telescope Puzzle Block Levels
Block Levels. Use the telescopes to push and pull the ball.
Telescope Puzzle
Use the telescopes to push and pull the ball.
Telescope Puzzle 16-25
Use the telescopes to push and pull the ball.
Tents Puzzle
Place tents in the grid. Each tree should have one tent next to it (horizontally or vertically). Tents do not...
Three In A Line (Drop)
To win: connect 3 pieces in a row, column or diagonally (See more versions at Connect...
Tilt Maze
Click on maze, then use arrow keys to move the red ball to the blue square. Press Ctrl-key to restart current...
Tower of Hanoi 2
Try Tower of Hanoi (HTML5 version) instead. The object is to move all the disks...
Uncross the Lines
The lines are crossing each other all over the place! Move the vertices (corner points) and bring order.
Unfolded Cube Puzzle
Figure out the color of the surface by studying the see-through version
Place the hand grenades carefully, then blow up your car to save the planet.
Mathionaire Addition Quiz
Test your addition skills, make a million.
Mathionaire General Math Quiz
Test your general math knowledge, make a million.
Mathionaire Multiplication Quiz
Test your multiplication skills, make a million.
Word Search Flash
Try Word Search HTML5 version instead. Classic word search puzzle, with different...
Yacht Flash
Try Yacht (HTML5 Version) instead. A dice game like Yahtzee. How high can...
Make the pattern shown. Click and select a tile, then click again where you want the tile to go (vertical or...
Znumbers Game
Your goal is to move every box once and turn it grey. Boxes may only be moved to a free spot by the number of...