Addition in Columns

We can do addition by writing one number below the other
and then add one column at a time, like this:

And it works for bigger numbers, too:

But sometimes two-digit numbers can get in the way like this:

THIS is how it should be done:


addition: carry above

Did you see how we split the 12 into 1 Ten and 2 Ones?

We then sent the 1 Ten to the top of the Tens column, so we will remember to add it when we do the Tens.

And there is a nice clear space for the Tens answer below.


Here's another example:

Now practice on this Column Addition (with Carrying) Worksheets.

Above or Below?

add carry below

Your teacher may want you to put the "1" below like in this example.

Above or below does not really matter, we just need a good place to put the "1" so we don't forget it!

What About Bigger Numbers?

The same method works with numbers in the hundreds, thousands and so on.

But we must be careful to move over one column each time.

Like this:


4047, 4048, 4049, 4050, 4798, 4799, 4800, 4801, 4945, 4946, 4947