Fund Raising Fun Puzzle - Solution

The Puzzle:

Fund Raising Fun
Hungry Horace recently went on a Sponsored Walk to raise funds for new equipment at the local Hospital. His sponsor form looked like this:

Sponsor's Name Amount
Per km
Fat Freda 10c
Dim Jim 15c
Tall Tanya $3
Silly Cilla 5c
C.U.Jimmy 5c
Albert Bodge $2.50
Roland Heap 20c
Nice Nigel $4.50
Merlin Shriek 20c
Carol Singer 25c

Altogether Horace collected $22.00 from his sponsors. How far did he walk?

Our Solution:

Altogether Horace collected $22.00 from his sponsors. $10.00 of that came from Tanya, Albert and Nigel, so that means the others paid him $12.00. Adding up the Amount Per km column we see that Horace was sponsored $1.00 per km altogether. That means he walked 12 km to raise his $12.00, giving him the required $22.00 in total.

Puzzle Author: Stephen Froggatt

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