Logic Puzzles

Try these logic puzzles:

5 Islands
There are 5 Islands in a row. Parker the Paranoid Pirate has a ton of gold hidden on one of... Try Puzzle >>
5 Pirates
5 pirates of different ages have a treasure of 100 gold coins. On their ship, they decide... Try Puzzle >>
5 Pirates Version 2
5 pirates of different ages have a treasure of 100 gold coins. On their ship, they decide... Try Puzzle >>
Bags of Marbles
You have three bags, each containing two marbles. Bag A contains two white marbles, Bag B contains... Try Puzzle >>
Black and White Hats
Cannibals ambush a safari in the jungle and capture three men. The cannibals give the men a... Try Puzzle >>
Breaking Up a Chocolate Bar
How many steps are required to break an m × n sized bar of chocolate into 1 × 1... Try Puzzle >>
Burning Island
A man is stranded on an island covered in forest. One day, when the wind is blowing from... Try Puzzle >>
City of Lies or Truth
You are at an unmarked intersection ... one way is the City of Lies and another way is the... Try Puzzle >>
Crates of Fruit
You work at a fruit factory. There are 3 crates in front of you. One crate contains only... Try Puzzle >>
Cut Cube
A solid, four-inch cube of wood is coated with blue paint on all six sides. Then the cube... Try Puzzle >>
Cutting Across A Cross
Here is an ordinary cross. You are allowed to make two straight cuts across it. How do you... Try Puzzle >>
Deadly Choice
A man is caught on the King's property. He is brought before the King to be punished.... Try Puzzle >>
Explain: Elevator
A man works on the 10th floor and always takes the elevator down to ground level at the end... Try Puzzle >>
Explain: Hospital
A Man carries his son into the hospital because his son has a nail in his foot. The Surgeon... Try Puzzle >>
Farmer Crosses River
A farmer wants to cross a river and take with him a wolf, a goat, and a cabbage. There... Try Puzzle >>
Four Adventurers and a Small Canoe
Four adventurers (Alex, Brook, Chris and Dusty) need to cross a river in a small canoe. The... Try Puzzle >>
Four People Travel
Four people are traveling to different places on different types of transport. Their names... Try Puzzle >>
Four-sided Dice
I have three special four-sided dice. They have one letter on each side. When I roll... Try Puzzle >>
Gears 1
There are five gears connected in a row, the first one is connected to the second one, the... Try Puzzle >>
Gears 2
There are five gears connected in a row, the first one is connected to the second one, the... Try Puzzle >>
Girl and Boy
A boy and a girl are talking. • "I am a boy" said the child with black hair. •... Try Puzzle >>
Have You Herd Of Cows
Old Farmer Palmer has a herd of cows, but he always seems to forget how many animals there... Try Puzzle >>
Knights and Knaves
There are three people (Alex, Brook and Cody), one of whom is a knight, one a knave, and one... Try Puzzle >>
Knights and Knaves 2
There are three people (Alex, Brook and Cody), one of whom is a knight, one a knave, and one... Try Puzzle >>
Lying about their age
Alex, Brook, Cody, Dusty, and Erin recently found out that all of their birthdays were on the... Try Puzzle >>
Marble Mix Up
Years ago, to puzzle his friends, a scientist gave one of four containers containing blue and/or... Try Puzzle >>
Matching Socks
You are about to leave for holiday, but you forgot socks! You race back to your room, but... Try Puzzle >>
Math Hats
A scientist gathered four math students. They were then lined up so that each one could see... Try Puzzle >>
Missing Fish
Two fathers took their sons fishing. Each man and son caught one fish, but when they returned... Try Puzzle >>
Monty Hall
This is a famous puzzle based on the show "Let's make a deal". The host, Monty Hall,... Try Puzzle >>
Mrs Goodsworthys Hats
Mrs Goodsworthy has 6 gorgeous hats. 3 are green, 2 are blue, and 1 is canary yellow. Four... Try Puzzle >>
NIM-ble Thinking
The game of "NIM" involves rows of matches laid out to make a triangle. When it is your go,... Try Puzzle >>
Path Plodding Puzzle
The idea is to plod your way along all the streets on this map without going down a street... Try Puzzle >>
Pet Show
At the Pet Show recently I noticed that all except two of the entries were cats, all except... Try Puzzle >>
Pure Coin-cidence
Look at the triangle of six pennies below: I want to turn this triangle upside-down: ... Try Puzzle >>
Red-eyed Monks
There is a monastery of silent monks with no mirrors and one important rule: no red eyes! If... Try Puzzle >>
Relative Picture
A man on a park bench is looking at a small portrait. You ask him, "Who is that in the picture?"... Try Puzzle >>
Secret Mail
You want to send a secret message to your friend Alex in the mail. But Sam, who you don't... Try Puzzle >>
Shirt Friends
At a restaurant downtown, Mr. Red, Mr. Blue, and Mr. White meet for lunch. Under their... Try Puzzle >>
Take Two Tablets
You must take two different tablets (A and B) each day. If you forget one, or take more... Try Puzzle >>
The Collapsing Bridge
Four friends want to cross a bridge. • Only two people can cross at a time. •... Try Puzzle >>
The Schoolgirl Problem
In a boarding school there are fifteen schoolgirls who always take their daily walks in groups... Try Puzzle >>
Three Boxes with Two Balls Each
The first box has two white balls. The second box has two blue balls. The third box has a white... Try Puzzle >>
Three Choices with One Coin
At a restaurant, how could you choose one out of three desserts with equal probability with... Try Puzzle >>
Three Coaches, Three Athletes and a River
There are three Athletes (Alex, Brook and Chris) and their individual Coaches (Murphy, Newlyn... Try Puzzle >>
Three Hats
Three people enter a room and have a green or blue hat placed on their head. They cannot see... Try Puzzle >>
Three Of The Best
Professor Frantic set these three problems to her class of maniacs at Clueless University.... Try Puzzle >>
Touching Marbles
Arrange these six marbles so that each one touches all four marbles of a different colour. Try Puzzle >>
Three sisters are identical triplets. The oldest by minutes is Sarah, and Sarah always tells... Try Puzzle >>
Two Barbers
There are only two barbers in town One of them has a nice, neatly trimmed head of hair.... Try Puzzle >>
Unexpected Test
Your teacher says there will be a test at noon this week, but the day will be a surprise. You... Try Puzzle >>
Who Squares Wins
The diagram below shows a pattern made up of squares: How many squares can be found... Try Puzzle >>