It Must Be Matchic Puzzle - Solution

The Puzzle:

It Must Be Matchic
What's the difference between a match, and the gun used at the beginning of a race?
One starts the fire, the other fires the start!

If you had six matches, it would be easy (wouldn't it?) to make two identical triangles.

But your task is to take six matches and make FOUR identical triangles.

Do you think you can do it? The matches don't have to be the same length. If you can do it, then you can call yourself a Match-ician. If you can't do it, you'll have to call yourself a lump of Match Potato!

Our Solution:

or this one (by Michael R):

Or you could go 3D and have them as edges of a tetrahedron:

(A tetrahedron has 6 edges and 4 triangular faces)
Puzzle Author: Stephen Froggatt

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