Measuring 4 Liters Puzzle - Solution

The Puzzle:

Measuring 4 Liters
You are doing some gardening, and need exactly 4 liters of water to mix up some special formula for your award winning roses.

But you only have a 5-liter and a 3-liter bowl, but do have access to plenty of water.

How would you measure exactly 4 liters?

Our Solution:

Fill the 5-liter bowl. Then fill the 3-liter bowl from the 5-liter bowl. You will now have 2 liters left in the 5 liter bowl.

Empty the 3-liter bowl, and then transfer the 2 liters from the 5-liter bowl into it.

Now fill the 5-liter bowl again, then pour water carefully from the 5-liter bowl into the 3-liter bowl until it is full - exactly one more liter.

The 5-liter bowl now has exactly 4 liters.

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