Sam Loyds Laundry Puzzle - Solution

The Puzzle:

Sam Loyds Laundry Puzzle
Charlie and Freddie, having sent their lingerie consisting of thirty pieces to the wash, Freddie calls for the same and explains that as his bundle contains half of the cuffs and but one-third of the collars, it should cost but twenty-seven cents.

As four cuffs cost the same as five collars, the laundryman wants to know how much he must charge Charlie for the other package.

Our Solution:

It can be seen that if there were thirty pieces of laundry and Freddie was charged 27 cents for half the cuffs and one-third of the collars, there must have been 12 cuffs and 18 collars, so Charlie will owe 39 cents, as collars cost 2 cents and cuffs 2 and a half cents.
Puzzle Author: Loyd, Sam

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