The Booklet Puzzle - Solution

The Puzzle:

The Booklet Puzzle
Hungry Horace likes to keep a note of all the recipes he enjoys. Every year he selects his favourites from the list and publishes them in a little booklet. However, every year he has the same problem: How does he arrange the recipes on the big sheet of paper so that they all come together in the right order when the booklet is finished. Perhaps you can help him once and for all.

The diagram shows how to make a booklet of 32 pages by folding a large sheet of paper. If the final booklet (5) is trimmed along three edges it will open properly. How should the original sheet of paper be printed so that all the pages come in the right order, and be the right way up?

Our Solution:

Probably the easiest way to solve this week's puzzle was to make up the little booklet as indicated, without cutting along the edges. Then number the pages in the normal way before opening up the booklet back to a single sheet again. Try it and see!

Puzzle Author: Stephen Froggatt

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