Unexpected Test Puzzle - Solution

The Puzzle:

Unexpected Test

Your teacher says there will be a test at noon this week, but the day will be a surprise.

You think about this for a while and figure that:

• it can't be on Friday, because if there is no test by the end of Thursday it must then be on Friday, which would not be a surprise

• it can't be on Thursday either, because it can't be Friday and if there is no test by the end of Wednesday then it has to be on Thursday, which would also not be a surprise

• likewise it cannot be Wednesday, Tuesday or Monday.

Yay no test!

The teacher gives you all a test on Wednesday, which is a great surprise.

How is this possible?

Our Solution:

Many great minds have puzzled on this and there is no real solution!

Look up "Unexpected Hanging Paradox" on the interweb if you want to learn more.

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