Who Wears Frilly Knickers? Puzzle

The Puzzle:

Who Wears Frilly Knickers?
There are 5 people waiting for a bank to open. Each person has a name, an amount of money, a house, a food, a type of underwear and a friend.

Using the given information find out who's wearing frilly knickers.

1. The person first on the right has 1p.

2. The person who lives in a skip has £1.

3. The person on the right of Adam has 50p.

4. The person who likes pizza is a friend of Amy.

5. The person next to Chez has 1p.

6. The first person on the left eats chips.

7. The middle person likes pasta.

8. Adam's friend is Hannah.

9. The person who lives in a skip eats chocolate.

10. Chris has a friend called Archie.

11. The person who wears small knickers eats pizza.

12. Chez wears boxers.

13. The person two spaces from the person who likes pasta has 20p

14. The person the left of the person who likes pasta lives in a mansion.

15. The person with £1 is a friend of Claire.

16. Chris lives in a 3-storey house.

17. The middle person has £10,000.

18. Chris wears loose underwear.

19. Ben lives in a flat.

20. The end person has a friend called Sam.

21. The person who eats worms has tight underwear.

(This puzzle was devised by Keeley Walters, Bourne Grammar School, Bourne, Lincolnshire, in March 2006)
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