Who Works Where Puzzle - Solution

The Puzzle:

Who Works Where
Alex, Betty, Carol, Dan, Earl, Fay, George and Harry are eight employees of an organization

They work in three departments: Personnel, Administration and Marketing with not more than three of them in any department.

Each of them has a different choice of sports from Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Hockey and Table Tennis not necessarily in the same order.

Dan works in Administration and does not like either Football or Cricket.
Fay works in Personnel with only Alex who likes Table Tennis.
Earl and Harry do not work in the same department as Dan.
Carol likes Hockey and does not work in Marketing.
George does not work in Administration and does not like either Cricket or Badminton.
One of those who work in Administration likes Football.
The one who likes Volleyball works in Personnel.
None of those who work in Administration likes either Badminton or Lawn Tennis.
Harry does not like Cricket.

Who are the employees who work in the Administration Department?

In which Department does Earl work?

Our Solution:

Betty, Carol and Dan work in the Administration Department.

Earl works in the Marketing Department.
Puzzle Author: Simran Bhuria

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