Full Rotation

A full rotation is 360 degrees

This is a "full rotation" or "revolution" or "complete turn" or "full circle"

It means turning around until you point in the same direction again.

Other ways of saying it:

  • "Doing a 360" means spinning around completely once (spinning around twice is a "720").
  • "I gave the wheel one complete turn looking for holes"
  • "It completed one cycle", meaning it went around exactly once.
  • "It was spinning at 200 revolutions per minute" (but people usually say "RPM" instead of "revolutions per minute").
  • "She went full circle on liking carrots". So maybe she originally liked carrots, then hated them, now she likes them again.

Full Circle Degrees


This image of a protractor shows that a full rotation is 360°

And Half a rotation is 180°, called a Straight Angle

And Quarter of a rotation is 90°, called a Right Angle

And a full rotation is also equal to 2π Radians, so here are some equivalent values:

Rotations Radians Degrees
¼ π/2 90°
½ π 180°
1 2π 360°
3π 540°
2 4π 720°