Elementary Games (HTML5)

Turn all the lights out, if you can! Changing a light also changes the lights next to it.
Alpha Twist
Twist the letters back into shape by tapping on their joints and rotating any extended arms.
Shuffle the numbers into the right order
Arty Agent
Find the original among the forgeries before the time is up.
Balloon Pop
Complete as many balloon popping challenges as you can before the time runs out. But you must follow the instructions!
Sink the enemy ships before they sink you! (Drag to place, drag outside to rotate.)
Pop the blocks before they reach your level. Lots of game options to play with!
Bottle Bash
Break the bottles in the order given, but be careful not to tap the wrong one!
A hybrid of Mastermind and the Android pattern lock. A game you will love to hate. Empty circle means correct...
Pop the bubbles before they reach your level.
Pop the bubbles before they reach your level. Lots of game options to play with!
Choose the Larger Block
Chocolate is nice ... so try to choose the larger block!
Color in the Number Chart
You can make color patterns on the number chart.
Divide Blocks
Divide the blocks exactly.
Fill in the Number Chart
Click on the missing numbers and choose the correct answer.
Finding Bugs
Find all of the hidden bugs. Gets tougher as you go.
Direction (Bearing)
Follow the bearings (000° style) and click on the destination. You get points for being close, too. Click...
Direction (NSEW)
Follow the North, South, East and West directions and click on the destination. You get points for being close,...
Also called Five in a Row. Try to get five stones in a row, column or diagonal. It uses a "Go"...
Guess My Number
Guess a random number
Try to keep as many apples hanging as you can! Choose mathematics, or dogs, or many more subjects.
Higher or Lower
Guess if the next card is higher or lower, and earn points! (Note: after each bet it skips cards that are very...
Jugs Puzzle
How good are you at getting an exact quantity in a jug? Drag and drop the jugs left or right to fill,...
Can you help make Lightybulb's world brighter by figuring out each puzzle?
Make the Amount
How many ways can you make a Dollar (or Pound or Euro ... and more!) Drag and Drop the Coins.
Make the Number
Try to make the chosen number given 6 other numbers. Can use add, subtract, multiply, divide and parentheses
Math Erase
Erase all the numbers by matching totals
Math Match Game
Test your memory AND your math skills, all in one game!
Mind Reader
Think of a number between 1 and 63, answer 6 simple questions, and the Mind Reader will reveal your number!
Money Master
How good are your money handling skills? How fast can you give change?
Multiply Blocks
How Many Blocks?
Number Blocks Freeplay
Move the number blocks around just as you wish.
Pattern Match - Colors
See if you can match the pattern.
Pattern Match - Numbers
See if you can match the pattern.
Pattern Match - Shapes
See if you can match the pattern.
Plumber Game
Rotate the pipes!
Rotate the pipes so the plumbing goes just everywhere. Click the pipes.
Rotate the pipes so the plumbing goes just everywhere. Start from the middle. Click the pipes.
Reaction Time
Test your reaction time.
Type in the number shown, except it disappears.
Ball Maze
Roll the ball through the maze
Secret Messages
Now you can send secret message to your friends ... using simple cryptogtaphy.
Simon Says
How long a sequence can you remember?
Skip Counting
Click the answer on the number line. Gain points.
Smart Blocks
Move the blocks around, play with equations. Click a block to change it.
Eat the food at the coordinate point, but don't eat yourself!
Click on a nearby tile to spread the happiness.
Practice parking! Steer the car into each space. Up-down keys for speed, left-right for steering, space to brake.
Play Tic-Tac-Toe against another player or the computer. Different board sizes and computer strength!
Play the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game against the computer. The first player to get three squares in a row wins.
Triangular Peg Solitaire
Jump one peg over another into an empty spot, removing the jumped peg from the board. The goal is to finish with...
Word Search
Classic word search puzzle, with different size and difficulty options. Also number search!
Zen Collect
Collect metals, trade in at station at a unit price less costs.